Exhibition - suffusion

Suffusion, explores the concept of suffusion –of
water, of edges, of lines, of light.
The culmination of 15 years of practice, Suffusion deepens Jacqueline's study of water, of light, and of
transparency. A quiet observation of the behaviour of light in water, her paintings make a shift away from
the realism of previous works. By paring back the aesthetic and honing her focus on the refraction of light,
each work becomes a meditation that observes light at play – beams and lines morph into fluid formation,
permeating the darkness, pushing into expansiveness.



These works evoke the immersive qualities of water. Rather than standing at the waters edge, the viewer is afloat, adrift in the element of water, where light is slowed down and refracts and another world reveals itself beneath the surface.

  The vigour of the ocean has influenced my painting method. Areas of focus are contrasted with blurred movement, at times viewed through veils of transparent glazes or splatters and bubbles, embodying the energy of the ocean.