Light study series   Untitled I   500mm x 500mm   Pastel on paper   2014   $1200 (framed)   SOLD
Light study series Untitled II   500mm x 500mm   Pastel on paper   2014
Light study series Untitled III   250mm x 250mm   Pastel on paper   2014

Exhibition of drawings and paintings held at Bread and Butter Gallery, Whitianga, 

In this series of rock pools I revisit a realm that enchanted me as a child. Playing amongst rock pools and discovering these miniature worlds bought about a realisation in me when I was small. I could see that there were different scales of life that existed, I felt that I was no longer a small child but a large human in comparison to these “other worlds” I was looking into. I realised the there were different ways of viewing the world.

I bring to these paintings this sense of wonder.

Scale is employed in some of these works to enhance ways of seeing. By enlarging the smallest rock pool, I aim to emphasise the importance of this precious eco-system, in another work, an intimate composition is depicted in a small painting.

References to the feminine/earth mother that supports such life may be made in some of these works and the ocean as a symbol of the subconscious is a perspective that informs my approach to these works.

I am fascinated at how the water carves the rock that becomes host to the most textural and colourful life forms. These delicate ecosystems remind us that all facets and scales of life are interwoven.